BK8000L F-6188 BT Audio Module

BK8000L F-6188 BT Audio Module

BK8000L F-6188 BT Audio Module

  • Product No.: F-6188


Moel F-6188 
Bluetooth Bluetooth V2.1+EDR
Bluetooth protocol HFPV1.5,A2DPV1.2, AVRCPV 1.4, HSP1.2, GAVDP1.2, IOP
Power consumption ≦25mA
Standby current <500uA
Voltage DC2.8 ~ 4.2V
Temperature range -40 ~+85℃
Wireless transmission range >10 m
Transmission power CLASS2   4dBm
Sensitivity - 80dBm@0.1%BER
Frequency 2.4GHz-2.480GHz
Interface 12C, SPI and UART interface
Audio performance SBC algorithm
Audio SNR ≧75dB
Module dimension 25.00 X 13.50 X 1.80MM

Product Overview:

      F-6188 is the Bluetooth 2.1+EDR module for intelligent wireless audio transmission products designed by our company and qualified by SIG with QDID: 61489. F-6188 also is the low cost stereo audio Bluetooth solution with high performance. The main chip uses BK8000L chip, providing the high quality and best compatibility. Without any driver, you can connect the module with your device to enjoy the high quality music easily.


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