Wireless audio data transmission dual mode module F-3399 QCC3008

Wireless audio data transmission dual mode module F-3399 QCC3008


  • Product No.: F-3399



P/N: F-3339 V1.0

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V5.0 

Modulation mode: GFSK, π/4 DQPSK,8DPSK 

Service voltage:  3.3-4.2V

Bluetooth protocol : A2DPv1.3.1,AVRCPv1.6,HFPv1.7,HSPv1.2 SPPv1.2,DID v1.3,HOGPv1.0,PXPv1.0.1 FMPv1.0,BASv1.0 

Working Current : ≤20mA 

Standy Current : <500uA

Temperature range : -40ºCto+80ºC 

Wireless transmission range:  >10 meters

Transmission power : CLASS1/CLASS2/CLASS3  

Sensitivity:  -80dBm<0.1%BER

Frequency range : 2.402GHz-2.480GHz 

The external interface:  PIO,SPI,AIO,UART,USB,I2S,MIC,LIN,SPK(L/R) 

Support system : android,IOS and windows 

Audio decoding output : SBC,ACC,APTX(QCC3008) 

Audio:  SNR ≥75dB 

Degree of distortion:  ≤0.1% 

Module size :26*14*2MM

Product overview:

F-3339 is the Bluetooth module for intelligent wireless audio data transmission dual-mode products designed by our company . F-3399 also is the high end stereo audio Bluetooth solution with high performance. The main chip uses Qualcomm QCC300X chip, providing the high quality and best compatibility. Without any driver, you can connect the module with your device to enjoy the high quality music easily. 

Main Features:

※ 80 MHz RISC CPU and 80 MHz Qualcomm® Kalimba™DSP ※ On-chip ROM, RAM,and,external QSPI flash memory ※ Link Layer and Dual Mode Topologies ※ Over the air updates of external Flash partitions ※ Wideband speech support ※ Stereo Codec ※ Stereo line input ※ SBC and AAC audio codecs support ※ 1-mic cVc headset NR/EC ※ Audio interfaces: I²S and PCM,analog and digital microphone ※ Fully configurable EQ: 6 banks for music enhancement; 1 bank for speaker ※ Serial interfaces:UART,USB 2.0,and I²C ※ Integrated dual switch-mode regulators,linear regulators,and battery charger ※ 1-mic Qualcomm® cVc™hands-free noise reduction and echo cancellation technology ※QCC3008 stereo flash programmable solution with Qua lcomm®aptX™audio


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