BT5.0 CC2640R2F Location Tracking long battery life BLE Beacon

BT5.0 CC2640R2F Location Tracking long battery life BLE Beacon

Transmit distance reach up to 500m. With battery-powered method, easy for installation ,anyway, anytime. It can widely used for Broadcast ,Proximity Marketing ,Digital Signage ,Check-in ,Indoor Location,Asset Tracking ,Vehicle Tracking ,Gateway and Sens

  • Product No.: BP104


Basic Parameter





1.Model: BP104

2.Chipset:TI CC2640R2F

3.Bluetooth Version:Bluetooth 5.0

4.Size:62.2 * 62.2* 18.8 MM

5.Battery Type:AAA battery * 2

6.Battery Life (at 1300ms,0dBm):5 years

7.Max Work Range:Up to 500m

8.Support System :iOS 7.0+, Android 4.3+

9.Beacon Broadcast:Up to 10 slots

10.Beacon Protocol:iBeacon/Eddystone/AltBeacon

11.Upgrade via Over-The-Air


Free APP Provided:FeasyBeacon, FeasyGWFeasycom Nearby

Cloud Server:Feasycom Cloud Server

Free Beacon SDK Provided for extensive application.Such as indoor locationtracking ext



Broadcast, Proximity Marketing, Digital SignageCheck-inIndoor Location, Asset Tracking, Vehicle TrackingGateway and Sensor and so on

Above are main features , life time or details differ depends on the application, real situation



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